Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of our End-user license agreement and our terms and conditions. By selecting I Agree and when accessing or using the website, you automatically agree to us collecting, using and disclosing your personal information in accordance to this Privacy Policy.

By clicking Submit or I Agree during the registration process, or through your continued use of the service following the posting of this Privacy Policy (as applicable), you agree to this Privacy Policy. This is our entire and exclusive Privacy Policy and it supersedes any earlier version. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and any additional applicable terms posted on our platforms. We may periodically make changes to this Privacy Policy and will notify you of these changes by posting the modified terms on our platforms. We recommend that you revisit this Privacy Policy regularly.

We need to collect Personal Data in order for you to make use of our services. Below follows an outlay of the type of information we collect; how we use the information and for which purposes.

Personal Information

Personal Information is individually identifiable information, namely information that identifies an individual or may with reasonable effort identify an individual.

Personal Information includes the information that you provide when filling in the forms when you register an account, as well as any other data that you submit to us via the Website(s) or email, e.g.: first and last name, date of birth, credit card information, physical address, email address, phone number, etc.

In addition, Personal Information includes correspondences made via our Website(s), email, telephone and live chat or through other means of communication, such as customer account transaction history, whether this takes place through the Website(s) or via other means of communication including Website log-ins and details, traffic data, location data, weblogs, activity logs and other traffic information recorded on the system.

We keep your Personal Information secure and will not sell, transfer, trade or rent your details out to any party.

Only staff will have access to general client information on a registered Customers’ account. Please continue reading for more details.

Payment Information

In order for you to enjoy all aspects of our lottery platform or any services affiliated with it, such as performing purchases, game play, etc., payment information will be collected from you, such as your credit card number and bank account details.

Voluntary Information

We also collect information which you share with us voluntarily. Examples include when you send us an email, react to communication from us, or when you share additional information about yourself via i.e.: live chat.

Device Information

We may collect specific types of connection details and information with regards to your device, software or hardware that may identify you, such as: device’s unique identifiers (e.g. UDID, MAC address), browser fingerprinting, IP address and geo-location data.

3rd Party Information

We are also required to conduct security assessments by obtaining personal data from third parties. Examples include relevant information about your credit history from financial services providers, as well as information which is gathered in order to verify your identity and prevent fraudulent or illegal activity.

Non-Personal Information

Non-Personal Information is data, when used on its own, can’t be applied to identify or contact you.

Therefore, we are not aware of the identity of the user from which the Non-Personal Information has been collected.

We use Non-Personal Information for different purposes, the most important being an improvement of our services, preventing fraud and performing web analytics. We may gather such information, either independently or through the help of our third party service providers (if / when applicable).

Examples of Non-Personal Information:

  • Technical Information: In order for us to enhance the functionality of our services and provide you with a better user experience, we collect technical information transmitted by your device, including certain software and hardware information (e.g. the type of browser and operating system your device uses, language preference, access time and the domain name of the website from which you linked to the Services; etc.).
  • Game Play Information: We record game play information, and this includes, amongst other things, your deposits, bets, bonuses, game session duration and your high scores.
  • Device and Connection Information: If or when you download our software to your device, we may collect information from the particular device you are using, for security and fraud detection and prevention purposes. For example, we may gather information with regards to other software which is running simultaneously with our software for detecting if you are using software which is associated with fraudulent activity (e.g. robots, malware, etc.) or checking if the connection you are using is via a VPN or proxy.
  • Analytics Information: How you make use of our services is another area to collect data, such as applications usage, log files, user activity (e.g. pages viewed, the amount of time spent on particular pages, online browsing, clicks, actions, etc.), time stamps, alerts, etc. This information assists us in streamlining our services and your experience because it enables us to more accurately troubleshoot errors and bugs, and it’s a reliable tool for research and analytics purposes.
  • Anonymous Information: To avoid you being identifiable, we may render your information as unidentifiable. Our use and disclosure of such accumulated information is not subject to any restrictions under this Privacy Policy and we may disclose it to others without limitation and for any purpose, such as for marketing purposes.
  • Data Combination: The combination of Personal Information, plus Non-Personal Information and/or Anonymous Information is regarded as Personal Information and will be treated as such for as long as it remains combined.


A cookie is a small text file that collects information about you. Cookies are very helpful and can be used for various different purposes. These purposes consists of allowing you:

  • to navigate between pages of the website more efficiently;
  • enable automatic activation of certain features;
  • remembering your preferences and making the interaction between you and the service you require faster & easier.

Cookies cannot harm your device as they are non-executable and cannot be used to install malware. They’re more like a personal file with your basic preferential information, and this is merely updated every time you visit the website.

Cookies are also used to help ensure that the information you see are relevant to you and your personal interests, as well as compiling valuable statistical data regarding “how” you use a service.

The collected data is stored on your personal computer or device to provide constant and updated information.

We use Cookies to:

  • Save website customizations;
  • To provide a full customer experience;
  • To understand how you are using our website and assist us in improving our service to you;
  • To make our marketing activity relevant.

We and our third party service providers use cookies and pixels to collect information regarding your preferences, for example when you visit our website or access our services.

Different types of cookies:

Session cookies' are stored temporarily during a browsing session and does not interfere with normal use of the system. They are deleted from your device when the browser is closed.

'Persistent cookies' are saved on your computer / device for a fixed period of time and are not deleted when the browser is closed. These are the cookies used for repeat visits and tell us who you are; it stores your preferences for your next log-in and improves your user experience, as well as ensures that if you receive marketing images / messages, they are relevant to your set of preferences.

'Third party cookies' are positioned by other websites or services that run relevant content and advertisements on the page you are viewing, such as by third party analytic companies. 'Flash cookies' are saved during your game play to allow you a faster and more satisfying gaming experience.


Pixel based tracking is used to mark a visit or event and follow the footsteps of an advertisement’s success.

In turn, this information can be applied for updating marketing efforts via tracking conversions that are used to optimize marketing activities.

This information is classified as Non-Personal Information, and as such we may share it with a third party. (We provide more detail in this regard further below in “Third Party Collection information”.)

By accessing and using our services, you agree to the placement of cookies and pixels on your device in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

You may remove the cookies by following the instructions of your device preferences; however, if you choose to disable cookies, some of the service features may not operate optimally and your online experience may therefore be limited. Additionally, for legitimate security reasons, we may refuse access to specific website content unless you accept the use of a cookie or similar device.

Lottogroove relies on a lawful "Contract" basis to process your Personal Data and Information and it is essential so that we, in turn, can fulfil our contractual responsibilities to you.

A contract is entered into between an individual (yourself) and us, the moment you register an account and tick the box to acknowledge and accept our Terms and Conditions. Within this context, the contract need not be a formal, signed document, because by acknowledging that you accept our Terms and Conditions, you sanction an agreement which meets the requirements of contract law.

Lottogroove therefore has a lawful basis for processing your Personal Data and Information based on this contract between you, the individual, and us,

According to our contract with you, the individual, and in order for us to comply with our obligations under said contract, we must process your Personal Data and Information in order for you to make use of our services.

This Privacy Policy is your guide to how we use and share Personal Information. In addition to the purposes already mentioned above, the information we collect, which may include your Personal Information, is used for the following purposes:

  • To initially set up and continually update your account;
  • To provide an excellent service to you on any platform;
  • To communicate with you and keep you informed of our latest updates and special offers;
  • To promote our website(s), products and services. (Also see below at "Marketing" for more details);
  • To conduct analytics in order to improve and customize our services to suit your needs and interests;
  • To support and troubleshoot the services you use;
  • To respond to your queries and suggestions;
  • To provide you with a safe, legal and responsible gaming environment;
  • To notify you about updates to our software and/or services;
  • To process any of your requests for information;
  • To identify and authenticate your access to certain features of our services;
  • To detect and prevent fraudulent and illegal activity or any other type of activity that may jeopardize or negatively affect the integrity of our services;
  • To investigate violations of our Policies and User Agreement and to enable us to enforce these;
  • To investigate and resolve disputes in connection with your use of our services.

Data Sharing

We do not rent, sell or share your Personal Information with third parties in any other manner than which has been detailed in this Privacy Policy. Upon registering an account you acknowledge your agreement that your Personal Information will only be disclosed to a third party for the requirements of a specific purpose, as per this Privacy Policy, and in such case we require the relevant third party to agree to process such information in agreement with this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information may be shared with the following recipients:

  • Affiliated Companies and/or Companies within our Group;
  • Payment processors and data verifiers;
  • Subcontractors and third party service providers as well as their subcontractors;
  • Third parties who provide services related to our operation or promotion.
  • Auditors, contractors or consultants of the Group's business processes;
  • Third parties who investigate, detect or prevent fraudulent or illegal activity (e.g. governmental authorities, police, banks and other investigatory organizations); and
  • Potential purchasers or investors in the companies within the Group. In addition to purposes already listed in this Privacy Policy, we may share Personal Information with third parties for the following purposes:
  • For securely storing information on our behalf, for example by using cloud computing service providers;
  • Processing of said information to assist us with our business operations, for example to process payments and your deposits; authenticate your access; auditing our operations; detecting and preventing fraudulent or illegal activity; etc.;
  • Performing research and gathering technical diagnostics or analytics; and
  • Communicating relevant promotional and informational materials. (Also see below at "Marketing" for more details).

In the event that we need to protect our rights; to protect your safety or the safety of others; to investigate or prevent any fraud; or for any security reason or assistance required with a technical issue, we may share your information with third parties in good faith. Your Non-Personal Information (information that can’t be used to identify or contact you) may be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

Third Party Collection of Information

Kindly note that this Privacy Policy applies only to our services and may not be relevant to third party websites, services or applications, even if they are accessible, downloadable, or obtainable via our services. You should always review a company, business or service provider’s particular privacy policies prior to disclosing any Personal Information.

You are knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks of using any third-party websites, services or applications even if they are accessible, downloadable, or obtainable via our services. You agree that we carry no responsibility nor have any liability whatsoever with respect to your usage of aforementioned third parties, whether you disclose your Personal Information to them, or how said Personal Information is appropriated by them.

Data Security

Lottogroove will retain the relevant customer data for a minimum period of five years after the end of a relationship with a customer.

Your information is not compromised at any time because all information is encrypted, safe and secure.

We go to great lengths to ensure that the security of your information is executed and maintained at all times.

The appropriate technical and physical safeguards are in place to help prevent unauthorized access and data security is maintained 24/7. It also ensures that the information we collect online is used appropriately and in accordance to this Privacy Policy.

The safeguards we have in place appropriately vary in accordance to the sensitivity of the information that we collect and store.

We have the best industry approved procedures in place to control and ensure the safety and confidentiality of your information.

These procedures include:

  • A secure network topology, which includes averting intrusion and state of the art firewalls;
  • Encrypted communication system;
  • Authentication and access control procedures;
  • External and internal audit examinations; and more.

We go out of our way to take all reasonable measures to safeguard information, but we cannot be held responsible for the acts of those who illegally gain unauthorized access or maltreat our services. We also offer no guarantee or warranty, implied or otherwise, that we will prevent such access without exceptions.

Data Transfer

We operate on a global level, and therefore it could be necessary to transfer your Personal Information to countries outside your geo-location.

The data protection and other laws of these countries may not be as comprehensive, and in these instances we will take steps to ensure that a similar level of protection is given to your Personal Information. You hereby sanction the transfer of your Personal Information to countries outside your geo-location.

If you feel that your privacy was not treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy, or if you know of any person that attempted to abuse our services or acted in an inappropriate manner, please contact us directly at [email protected].


In accordance with this Privacy Policy, you have acknowledged your agreement that we may use your Personal Information, such as your name, home address, email address & telephone number or provide a third party subcontractor with the information for the purpose of providing you with promotional materials concerning our services as well as products, websites and applications which relate to: (i) other companies within the Group; (ii) our business partners and affiliates (collectively: “Marketing Affiliates”), which we believe may interest you.

We may also share and disclose Personal Information with our Marketing Affiliates for the purpose of providing you with alternative marketing offers, which we, or our Marketing Affiliates, believe are relevant to you. Our Marketing Affiliates may use this Personal Information for different marketing techniques, such as email, direct post, SMS and telephone marketing purposes.

You may at any time decline receiving further marketing offers from us or from our business partners and Marketing Affiliates by contacting us at [email protected]

Please note that even if you unsubscribe from our marketing email list, we may continue to send you service-related updates and notifications.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that by downloading, installing or accessing the Services, we may share your Personal Information with our business partners and Marketing Affiliates for the purpose of marketing.


We may also use our third parties and share with them Non-Personal Information to assist us in evaluating the success of our advertising campaigns and help us refine our efforts.

Corporate Transaction

In the event of a substantial corporate transaction, such as the sale of a part of our business, merger, bankruptcy, consolidation, reorganization, asset sale or asset transfer, we may share Information, including Personal Information.

In the event of the above, the acquiring company or transferee will assume the rights and obligations as described in this Privacy Policy and they should inform you of any changes


None of our services, promotions or events is suitable or designed for persons under the age of 18 years, and never, under any circumstances, should our services be offered or communicated to persons under the age of 18 or persons under the age of legal consent, whichever is higher (“Legally of Age”).

If you are not Legally of Age, you should not download or use our services nor provide any Personal Information to us.

We reserve the right to access and verify any Personal Information collected from you. In the event that we become aware that a user who is not Legally of Age has shared any information, we will discard such information and may report it. If you have any reason to believe that a minor has shared any information with us, please contact us at [email protected]

Updates and /or Amendments

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time, including as a result of security reasons and / or changes to our services, and the most current version will always be posted on our website. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes.

Your continued use of our services, following the notification of such amendments on this website, constitutes your acknowledgement and agreement of such amendments to the Privacy Policy and this agreement is bound by the terms of such amendments.

How to Contact Us

In the event that you have further questions or queries regarding our services or the content of this Privacy Policy, you are welcome to sending us an email at [email protected]

We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy carefully and use it to make informed decisions.

You may opt out of receiving any promotional communications from us by contacting [email protected] by email and request to be removed from receiving promotional emails. You can also edit/update any personal information regarding your account from within your private account/profile or by sending an email to [email protected]. If requested, we will (a) update any information you have provided to us, provided that you provide evidence as we may reasonably require for such changes, or (b) mark any information to prohibit future use for marketing purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Privacy Policy shall prevent us from retaining your personal information where we are required to do so by law.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or equipment when you visit certain online pages that record your preferences. We use cookies to track use of our site. We also may use cookies to monitor traffic to the site, improve the services and make it easier and/or more relevant for your use.

During the registration process

These cookies will hold information collected during your registration and will allow us to recognize you as a customer and provide you with the service you require. We may also use this data to better understand your interests while online and to enhance your visits to our platform.

On Our Website / Platform

For visitors to our website, we use cookies to collect information and track your use of the website/platform in order to provide you with a more personalized user experience and content, and allow you to sign in easily and play

Cookies allow us to:

  • Better understand your preferences and offer you more relevant promotional offers;
  • Identify your preferences when customizing content or functionality for you;
  • Confirm you are a registered user and save your log-in details when accessing certain Services on our Website;
  • Collect statistics on the use of Our Services;
  • We may also use cookies and web beacons to ensure that Our mailing tools are working properly.

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but, if you prefer, you can usually modify your browser setting to decline cookies. The Help menu on the menu bar of most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie and how to disable cookies altogether. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to experience all of the interactive features on our site.

We understand the importance of information security and the techniques needed to secure information. We store all of the personal information we receive directly from you in a password-protected database residing within our secure network behind active state-of-the-art firewall software. uses a VeriSign Secure Socket Layer (SSL), EV Certified Version 3 with 128-bit encryption.

Personal information collected on the service may be stored and processed in any country in which we or our affiliates, suppliers, ESPs or agents maintain facilities. By using the service, you expressly consent to any transfer of information outside of your country (including to third party countries that may not have been assessed as having adequate privacy laws). Nevertheless, we take steps to ensure that our agents, affiliates and suppliers comply with our standards of privacy regardless of their location.

Although we will use reasonable efforts to safeguard the privacy of your information, transmissions on the internet cannot be made absolutely secure. Accordingly, we assume no responsibility or liability for disclosure of any of your information due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third-party access or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

The use of the Website and Services are at your own risk and shall not be responsible for any damages or losses of any kind that you shall incur as a result of modifications and enhancement and the termination and or suspension and/or discontinuation of the Website or any of the website's Services. The company shall not be responsible for any damages or losses you may suffer as a result of your use or reliance on the content of any website to which links appear on the Website. Any third-party links, services, resources and information that we provide on, or make available through, the Website are not controlled by us. We make no warranties regarding such third-party services, resources and information, and we will not be liable for your use of or reliance on such third-party services, resources or information.

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