Get more winning chances for less with Group Play (Syndicates)

1 A group of players buy many tickets together & share costs.
2 More tickets mean better chances of winning.
3 We buy the tickets and find the players for you.

What is Group Play? Group Play (Also known as Syndicates or a Lottery Pool) is where a group of players pool their money to buy a whole bunch of lottery tickets so they’ve got a much better chance of winning at a fraction of the cost.

Lottogroove now makes it effortless to take part in Group Play. We find the players and buy the tickets, all you need to do is decide how many shares you want to buy in for.

And here’s the good news, even if all the shares are not bought by other players, you still get the full value of your shares if any of the tickets win.

Try Group Play now and take advantage of the boosted odds!

You can buy loads more tickets at a much, much lower cost.

You get guaranteed better odds of winning.

You still get your portion even if all the shares aren’t sold.

You don’t need to find other players, we find them for you.

Do I need to choose my own numbers?

No. We choose and pre-buy the batch of numbers randomly. You do not need to choose numbers when buying a Share of Group Play. Just choose which batch (set) of numbers you prefer. you can choose between two batches. To see the tickets (lines) in each batch, click on “View Set”.

How are wins divided?

If any of the tickets in the batch win, you get a portion of the winnings. The portion you get depends on how many shares you bought, this is the portion that you contributed to the cost of the batch of tickets.

What happens if all the shares are not purchased?

You still get your share of the winnings, even if all the shares are not sold.

Lottogroove pre-buys big batches (Sets) of tickets (Lines). Players buy a portion(Share) of the costs for the batch of tickets . If ANY of the tickets win, players get a portion of the winnings based on how many shares they bought.

What’s a Set
A set is a batch of lines (tickets) that will be entered into the lotteries for that Group Play. Group Play will usually have more than one Set of numbers for you to choose from.

What’s a Line
A line (or ticket) is a selection of numbers for that specific lottery (e.g. a selection of six numbers for the Powerball lottery). Group Play purchases many lines for each of the lotteries in that Group Play.

What’s a Share
Every Group Play is split into a fixed number of shares. Every share has a fixed price. The share determines the portion of the winnings you stand to get. So if a Group Play has 100 shares, 1 share will get you 1% of the total prize money.

If a Group Play sells 100 shares and the jackpot won is 100 million, each share you buy will get 1 million (because 100 million divided by 100 shares equals 1 million per share).