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About US Powerball

If you’re looking for the kind of jackpots that will make you fabulously wealthy then Powerball has earned a reputation around the world for doing just that!

  1. Pick your 6 numbers or save time and take a Quick Pick.
  2. Decide which DRAW in the week you want to play or play them all!
  3. We make it easy for you to make sure you never miss a draw by letting you select the DURATION in weeks you want to automatically play draws for.
  4. You can choose to play the very next draw or draws from a specific date by selecting the FIRST DRAW date that you want to start playing.
  5. Make sure you’re in the draw by clicking Add to Cart and paying for your tickets.

Did you know?
35% of all Powerball ticket sales benefit the good causes supported by the lottery.

Play these days: Wednesday and Saturday at 11:59 am (US Eastern Time).

Numbers to hit the jackpot: Pick 5 out of 69 and 1 out of 26 (Powerball)

Get your tickets for: From only €4.40

Minimum Jackpot up for grabs: $40 Million

Recent Big Winner Won: $1.6 Billion (Yep, that’s nine zeros).

Ways to Win in each draw: 9 ways depending on how many numbers you get right with the lowest 2 tiers being 1 lotto ball + the Powerball and just the Powerball.